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Due to embedded Step-in-Go Technology™, Quikiks™ are the first fully-supportive, totally Hands-Free shoes on the market. .  Unlike flip-flops, slippers or clog-like footwear, Quikiks™ securely fasten and will not inadvertently slip off the wearer’s feet, plus they provide exceptional heel and foot support. 


The patented Step-in-Go™ Hands-Free Shoe System is embedded in every pair of Quikiks™.So how do they work?  Easy.  The rear portion of Quikiks™ tilts back on a hinge allowing the you to easily slip your foot right in.  A little downward pressure on the heel closes the shoe up behind your ankle and it locks in place with a magnet (see illustration below).     



To remove, simply strike the rear part of the sole on any hard surface and the momentum of your foot pops them open allowing your foot to come right out (see illustrations below).                     


Each pair of Quikiks™ comes with a set of medium-strength securing magnets.  Weaker and stronger magnets are also available upon request and are easily swapped out, so that the holding strength can be customized to YOUR abilities.  A spring in the hinge keeps the shoes in the OPEN position so they are ready to receive your foot the next time you want to put them on.  There are NO batteries or electronics contained in Quikiks™.  The Step-in-Go™ System is a simple, robust mechanism that we hope will improve the quality-of-life for its users for years to come.



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