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Pedlar Light Workout Exerciser

by Battle Creek Equipment        Item #BC-315

Category: Exercise / Rehab

Original Pedlar® Light Workout Exerciser™

Pedlar® Light Workout Exerciser™ from Battle Creek® has created an entirely new concept in exercise. Convenient and portable, adaptable to either arms or legs, with adjustable tension and four flat feet for stability, the design makes it realistic for everyone to have an exerciser at home.

Convenient new package with integrated handle makes storage or travel with your Pedlar® even easier.  We have also upgraded to our exclusive Fits-Rite™ pedal design, with wide Velcro closures to fit comfortably, even over bulky orthothics.  The snug fit allows a smoother pedaling motion, for more beneficial results. 

Diabetics and arthritics often face many obstacles to the beneficial exercise they need and Pedlar® Exercisers provide a great alternative. No jolts to painful joints, as with many exercises, and the adjustable resistance feature allows even the most debilitated user to slowly, gradually build strength and endurance

Even those who can’t utilize conventional exercise bikes or treadmills, or have limited space, can have a customized work-out right in their own home. Armchair quarterbacks can even exercise watching TV, while the Pedlar® improves cardiovascular health and muscle tone.

Patients recovering from hip, knee or shoulder surgery find a Pedlar® Exerciser beneficial in regaining flexibility, range of motion and muscle tone. Therapists have also been quick to utilize this durable, moderately-priced unit, both in the clinic and when doing home visits.

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