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Jobst Adjustable Garter Belt

by Jobst

Category: Compression Garments

Price: $49.95

Garter Belts are recommended for use with Non-Silicone Border Thigh High compression hose. They are not recommended for use with Sheer garments as they will tear right through the stockings.

Jobst Adjustable Garter Belt helps keep your thigh high support hose stay up and stay in place. It is a great alternative to silicone border or adhesive glue. The Adjustable Garter Belt has a Velcro fastener.

Supports for men should be measured within 2" (5 cm) of the groin for maximum comfort.

Fiber Contents:
• Cotton
• Nylon
• Latex Rubber

The garter belt is measured by the circumference of your waist.

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