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DreamWear Silicone Pillows Cushion

Category: CPAP Nasal Masks


The DreamWear silicone pillows cushion is an all-silicone, minimally invasive nasal pillows cushion. This little "Softie" is designed to fit the innovative DreamWear mask that lets patients sleep in any position.

Like wearing nothing at all

The DreamWear mask’s unique design directs airflow through the frame so patients can wear glasses, watch TV, and sleep comfortably. The tubing connection located at the top-of-the-head allows patients to sleep in any position they desire - on their stomach, side, or back.¹ And, it won’t leave red marks on the bridge of their nose.²


Cushion designed for comfort

Lighter than our previous generation tube-at-top of head nasal pillows masks³, the cushion is made with soft silicone for added comfort. In a recent study, patients find DreamWear silicone pillows mask more comfortable than DreamWear gel pillows 4 and their prescribed mask¹.


Multiple sizes for any patient

The DreamWear silicone pillows cushion is designed using our advanced 3D facial scan technology and conforms to various nostril shapes and sizes. The cushions come in four convenient sizes to fit almost any nose shape.

Secure fit, seal and stability

The stalk-less cone-shaped design of the silicone pillows cushion provides patients with a secure fit and seal. In a recent study, patients said DreamWear silicone pillows mask has a more secure fit and seal than their prescribed mask.¹


  • ¹Analysis after 30 day of use during Jul/Aug 2020. Pillows preference trial with n = 127. Prescribed masks include ResMed Airfit P10, P30i, Swift Fx, F&P Brevida, Philips DreamWear Gel Pillows, Nuance / Pro etc.
  • ²Mask does not directly contact the bridge of the nose.
  • ³Data from Philips conducted comparable assembly weight test for DreamWear Gel Pillows, DreamWear Silicone Pillows & ResMed Airfit P30i mask.
  • 430-day Patient Preference study with DreamWear Gel Pillows users; n = 120 conducted July / Aug 2020.




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