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Stability Gliders

by Stabilized Steps        Item #SG1001

Categories: Walkers, Walker Accessories

Price: $129.95

The patented Stability Gliders™ attach to the bottom of medical walkers allowing them to be stable on various terrains such as sand, gravel, mud, snow, and indoors, increasing steadiness in everyday use!

Greater Stability

The side radius surface design prevents damages and increases stability.The extra space in the front and the back prevents frontward and backward falls. The side panel prevents sideways falls.

Even Weight Distribution


Instead of a traditional 90-degree angle, the Stability Gliders uses a radius to avoid stress concentration. The attachment legs transfer the weight directly from the walker to the ground.

Better Traction


The intricate internal design along with the carefully selected materials that meet our testing results, provide greater stiffness to the Stability Gliders structure.


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