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DermaPrep Liquid Barrier Skin Prep 50/box

by DermaRite        Item #81050

Category: Skin - Hair Care

Price: $9.95

DermaPrep Liquid Barrier Skin Prep forms a long-lasting waterproof film designed to shield peri-wound skin from bodily fluids, adhesives, and frictional forces. It helps reduce the risk of pain and skin damage during tape and adhesive removal.

*  Applies and removes easily
*  Improves dressing adhesion
*  Reduces the risk of skin trauma during tape and adhesive removal
*  To protect against excessive moisture due to wound exudate, tube drainage or incontinence.
*  To prevent skin stripping from adhesives.
*  To decrease friction damage over bony prominences.
*  To form an extra barrier over intact skin in fragile areas as seen with Stage 1 pressure ulcers, suspected Deep Tissue Injury and blood blisters.

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