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Deluxe Wheelchair K1/K2 - 16" and 18" Seat Width


The Home Health Store rents these wheelchairs for $50.00/month or $35.00/2 weeks.

Tracer EX2 Wheelchair

We rent this wheelchair. $35.00/2 weeks; $50.00/month.

Tracer IV Manual Wheelchair

The Tracer IV Wheelchair features superior durability, rollability and streamlined looks. It's designed ...

Transfer Board Hardwood


8" x 30" with one hand cut out Highly polished and sealed for easy transfer 250 pound ...

Transfer Board Plastic


8" x 27 1/2" Smooth surface for ease of transfer

Tracer SX5 18" x 16" Wheelchair


The Home Health Store rents this lightweight wheelchair for $80.00/month or $45.00/2 weeks.   The ...

Tracer SX5 Recliner Wheelchair

The Tracer SX5 Recliner wheelchair offers a dynamic range of recline from 90 degrees to ...