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True Gradient Compression
THERAFIRM® gradient compression hosiery delivers a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking to promote better blood flow and assist in preventing swelling. THERAFIRM® is 100% made in the USA.

Comfortable & Cool
All THERAFIRM® products are soft, cool and comfortable for all day wear. Our new light support product line, THERAFIRMlightTM, features Lycra® and nylon fibers or cotton/microfiber blends for the softest garments while still providing shaping support. Core-Spun by THERAFIRMTM support socks are made with the superior moisture wicking fibers CoolMax® or X- STATIC®. THERAFIRM® products feature soft, comfort bands on the knee-high stockings and trouser socks, soft waistbands on pantyhose and tights, and a soft, expandable top on maternity pantyhose. Additionally THERAFIRM® gradient compression hosiery garments are made using our Micro-Cool® process. Micro-Cool® creates a wicking effect so moisture evaporates from the skin quickly, therefore providing a comfortable coolness.

THERAFIRM® uses advanced technologies for developing products that are fashionable and comfortable while delivering the health benefits you need. We offer a wide range of advantages including updated shades, sheer yarns, variety of styles, and knit pattern texture options, so you will feel good about wearing compression hosiery.

The Home Health Store buys in large quantities.  This allows our customers to obtain their compression stockings and support socks at low prices.  High quality, medically correct, U.S. made Therafirm products have a great cost point and are less costly than other brands. Low prices allow our compression wearers to obtain several pair to allow a normal laundering interval, and to provide a "wardrobe" for various occasions.



EASE by Therafirm® Lymphedema Arm Sleeves


NEW Ease by Therafirm® Lymphedema Arm Sleeves, Gauntlets and Gloves are designed to help ...

EASE by Therafirm® Lymphedema Gloves


New EASE by Therafirm® Gloves are designed with true gradient compression to help manage lymphedema ...

EASE by Therafirm® Lymphedema Gauntlets


New EASE by Therafirm® Gauntlets are designed with true gradient compression to help manage lymphedema ...



Aero-Wrap™’s cutting edge patented technology was invented by a physician and developed ...

Core-Spun Patterned Support Socks for Men and Women with Mild Support


Core-Spun by Therafirm® Support Socks for men & women look and feel like a soft, comfortable ...

EASE Sheer Knee High Open Toe for Women with Mild Support


Sheer Knee High for Women with Open Toe and 15-20 mmHg of Support.

FarrowWrap Basic

*  Off-The-Shelf sizes XS-XL *  Includes a free Farrow Hybrid I ...

It-Stays® Adhesive


 For thigh length stockings when you don't want to put on a guarder belt or have a band to hold ...

Jobst Stocking Donner


Standard Leg:  $29.99   Full Leg: $55.99   Easy to use device to help apply ...

Jolastic Wash Solution 4 oz.


This warm water wash is formulated to remove soil body oils and skin salts quickly and thoroughly ...

Jolastic Washing Solution 12 oz.


This specially designed solution from Jobst is for all elastic garments.  Jolastic is formulated ...

Therafirm Donning Gloves

Compression hose donning gloves help to protect your hose for snags or tears and make putting on ...

Therafirm Knee High for Women with Light Support


Women's sheer knee highs with 10-15 mmHg* true gradient light compression, designed to help energize ...