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Transport chairs provide a way to transport your loved one around the house or go out to church, the doctor's office, restaurants, etc.  These devices weigh less and are less bulky than wheelchairs when loading or unloading in your vehicle.  The Home Health Store has several different models of transport chairs in stock to meet your specific needs.

Transport Chair 19 inch with 12" Rear Wheels


The Lightweight Transport Chair 19 in. (model 352) has a lightweight aluminum frame and ...

Transport Chair 19" with Detachable Arms


The 19 inch Lightweight Transport Chair has a lightweight aluminum frame and padded upholstery. It ...

Transport Chair Aluminum


The ProBasics Aluminum Transport Chair is a compact, lightweight design with an easy-to-maintain finish. ...

Aluminum Transport Chair with 12-Inch Wheels, 300 lb Weight Capacity


The ProBasics Lightweight Aluminum Transport Chair with 12" rear wheels has a lightweight aluminum ...

Heavy Duty Steel Transport Chair, 22" x 18", 450 lb. max.


The ProBasics Bariatric Steel Transport Chair with 12-inch rear wheels has dual reinforced cross braces ...

Transport Aluminum Rollator


FREE Shipping! : Not available in AK & HI.

The Transport Rollator provides patients with the security of a wheeled rollator combined with ...

Steel Transport Chair


The ProBasics Steel Transport Chair is a lightweight steel-construction design with a chip-proof ...

Travel Bag


The Travel Bag by Nova Medical Products is designed to fit all Nova folding and rolling walkers (except ...